Client Testimonials

"My girlfriend and I were looking for a DUI lawyer after unfortunately receiving a second DUI. I was still on probation and after my experience with my first DUI, I thought this was going to be worst than my first. The experience with my first lawyer who handled my first DUI case was disappointing, stressful and I felt like I had much more to deal with. Before contacting Chris, I contacted other lawyers who were unprofessional and quickly judged my situation… I didn’t expect any good news after that. Luckily, we came across Chris and his reviews caught our attention. We immediately contacted him and to our surprise, Chris was very understanding and helpful. He answered all our questions and quickly arranged to meet with us. He made the process smooth, kept us updated and gave us great results. Chris knows what he’s doing, he explained everything to me and was understanding. He made me feel more comfortable about the situation"

- Bryan C. on April 9, 2020

"At the beginning of last year I was in a dark, suffocating place, battling cruel bipolar demons. I was out of control and didn't know where to turn. I wanted the tornado in my brain to die down, so I self medicated and found myself the cause of a horrible drink driving accident. I'm very lucky, and so grateful, no one was hurt. It was an epic wake up call. The next day I knew I needed psychiatric care and a bloody good lawyer. I called around, explaining my situation to various criminal defense lawyers, and from the first "hello" I knew Chris Miller was my man. He really stood out from the rest. Chris is compassionate, empathic, honest and holds no judgement. He listens, genuinely cares about your situation, and is tenacious about delivering you the best possible outcome. He believes in second chances and rehabilitation. He fights hard for his clients and is highly respected by the courts. He worked with me, closely and patiently, for a whole year, and negotiated an outcome I didn't think was possible, given the circumstances. Chris literally saved me life. He communicates well and helps eliminate the dreaded anxiety. 

I was hesitant to share so much, because it's utterly embarrassing, but I feel that people need to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and Chris can help you find it. Thank you for everything, Chris. You're basically a super hero!"

-Hannah A. on March 26, 2020

"I got into some trouble for making a little mistake. Chris Miller was amazing at reassuring me that everything will be fine. He made sure I understood every step that my cass was going to go through and was always here when I had questions! In the end, my case will be dismissed in 6 months after I complete some hours of volunteering! He is a firm believer that "we all make mistakes, but it doesn't mean we are bad people!" I will recommend him to as much people as I can! Thank you Chris!"

-Lucas P. on March 26, 2020

"I can not thank Chris enough for his help in my situation. I am a Registered Nurse and had an accusation for Domestic Violence which can be detrimental for an RN. From day one I knew I wanted to work with him because he took my call himself quickly and spoke open and honestly with me, and his his fees are fair (I spoke to multiple lawyers). Chris made himself available to me whenever I had questions or concerns, there was never a time that I felt I didn’t know what was going on like it is working with a public defender in my experience. I felt more comfortable at court knowing he was there. My case was closed with no charges, I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome... this firm helped make the best out of a terrible situation."

-Katlin M. on March 8, 2020

"Christopher Miller is a skilled, knowledgable attorney, and his work in the present case resulted in criminal charges being dropped before the initial court date. As I have never before had need for a criminal defense attorney, he was identified for this case based on a rapid scan of on-line reviews, was the first attorney to respond (which he did within the hour), and though I spoke with other attorneys, he immediately won my confidence and was hired. This confidence only grew as he quickly arranged to meet in person to discuss the case, and he proved subsequently to be highly engaged and responsive by text, telephone, and email I recommend Christopher Miller without reservation."

- David B. on February 28, 2020

"Christopher Miller is a skilled, knowledgable attorney, and his work in the present case resulted in criminal charges being dropped before the initial court date. I recommend him without reservation."

-DL B. on February 24, 2020

"I really can’t thank Christopher Miller enough for his help through this very trying time in my life. From the very first conversation I had with him over the phone to shaking hands with him after getting my case dismissed a few months later, Christopher always made me feel at ease and confident about the situation. He was always quick to respond to any question I had and honestly, went above and beyond in some instances to make sure things were taken care of. If you’re wondering who you should have on your side in court, look no further because Christopher is your guy!"

-Anonymous on February 19, 2020

"Chris was the most professional and emotionally supporting lawyer I have ever met. He was very patient and calm during the whole process. He went out of his way to text me and call me weekly to update me and answer all of my questions. He also gave me a payment plan that worked well with my finances. Chris went above and beyond as my lawyer, not only did he help get me the BEST DEAL FOR MY CASE, he was als very mentally supportive during the whole process. I would recommend Chris 1000 times!! I plan on never being in trouble with the law again but If I am, CHRIS WILL BE MY FIRST CALL. ***IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A LAWYER JUST TAKE THE FREE CALL WITH CHRIS, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.***"

-Justin C. on February 19, 2019

"I was represented better than I could have ever imagined! I was blessed to have found him. Christopher Miller fought hard for me. He went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure a great outcome. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney. I was highly content with the outcome of his work. I will forever be grateful for his help!! Definitely recommend him!!"

-Crystal R. on January 14, 2020

"I was represented better than I could have ever imagined! I was blessed to have found him. Christopher Miller fought hard for me. He went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure a great outcome. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney. I was highly content with the outcome of his work. I will forever be grateful for his help!! Definitely recommend him!!"

-Crystal R. on January 13, 2020

"I can't say anything negative about Chris. I hired another private lawyer from a big law firm who wasn't doing anything to help my case. I ended up firing him and hired Chris. He was willing to jump into my case right away and definitely had my best interest in mind. He was able to change the judges mind by overturning a previous decision and got me into the military diversion program. He also convinced the judge to prevent my guns from being destroyed."

-Ezechiel L. on December 21, 2019

"I can't say anything negative about Chris. I hired another private lawyer from a big law firm who wasn't doing anything to help my case. I ended up firing him and hired Chris. He was willing to jump into my case right away and definitely had my best interest in mind. He was able to change the judges mind by overturning a previous decision and got me into the military diversion program. He also convinced the judge to prevent my guns from being destroyed."

-Steve G. on December 3, 2019

"Christopher Miller is a fantastic lawyer that help my family member through there case. He guided them throughout the whole way. He always kept our family updated with any new news as soon as possible. Overall Christopher got the case dismissed and sealed and I can say us, and including my cousin are all happy with this outcome! CHRISTOPHER MILLER IS THE ONE TO PICK!"

-Anonymous on November 18, 2019

"Chris has been excellent since the beginning. I had a good feeling about him when I had a phone consultation with him and he gave me lots of information but also was not pressuring me to hire him. He said at the end of the phone consultation that even if I don't hire him, feel free to call him with any questions. I found him on Thumbtack and he got back to me instantly and called me as soon as I gave him my phone number. He gave me an excellent price, slightly lower than some other competing attorneys. I wanted to know him more before deciding to hire him so he met with me at his office to discuss the situation further. He is an excellent listener and it really felt like he genuinely cared about me. Of all the attorneys I consulted with, I truly felt he was the least pushy. With everyone else, it felt like as soon as they gave me their price, they wanted a yes or no answer. With Chris, it felt like he was willing to give me information and let me think about it with no pressure. His office is in a very nice building in Pasadena. It's a shared office space with attentive secretaries and a spacious, very upscale meeting room. The secretaries are willing to make copies and they were friendly. In terms of results, I was very pleased with the outcome. Also, Chris made the deal on the arraignment date! I didn't even know that was possible. So the case was very fast and a great outcome. Chris was so nice as to honor the lowest price estimate he gave before we made a contract. On the contract, we assumed I may have had a more complicated case. Luckily it was a lot more simple than it could have been. Therefore, he gave me a partial refund for the price adjustment after the day he made a deal for me with the court. I think that's so awesome he did that. I felt cheap asking about it but he was so quick to honor the lower price. Overall, it's been an excellent experience with Chris and I highly recommend him."

-Ian M. on November 13, 2019

"I had some serious (felony) allegations brought to my attention and I didn't know how to go about. After a quick search on Yelp, I decided to give Christopher Miller's law firm a shot. He called me back within minutes and talked about my case. I decided to hire him to represent me and throughout the process was attentive and communicated well with me. He was able to get the case dismissed before the case got to the DA. I would recommend Steven Miller for his professionalism and expertise."

-Charlie on October 15, 2019

"I came across the Miller Law Firm by chance and read many reviews. Chris provides a service that goes above and beyond. He is a complete professional and is very effective. Chris always made himself available and never left me in the dark. He was very informative and empathetic through my ordeal. I highly recommend Chris and the Miller Law Firm. Chris is extremely attentive and competent. If you're in need and want positive results, no need to search any further. Chris, thank you!"

-John S. on October 1, 2019

"My experience with Chris was unprecedented. When I called around looking for an attorney I was surprised at how impersonal they all were, until i spoke with Chris. He really understood my concerns, treated me like I was his only client, and I had an overwhelming sense that he truly cared for my case and wanted to get the best outcome for me. And that he did! I cannot believe the magic Chris has worked for me in court. Because of his reputation he upholds at the courthouse, he was able to plead my case and they ended up giving me an unbelievably great outcome. He was able to get the minimum punishment and eliminate almost all of my court fees. I really attribute this to Chris believing in my case and treating it as if it were his own. That’s the type of lawyer Chris is and that’s the type of lawyer everyone wants and needs! I can’t say enough good about him!"

-Katherine L. on September 11, 2019

"My experience with Chris was unprecedented. When I called around looking for an attorney I was surprised at how impersonal they all were, until i spoke with Chris. He really understood my concerns, treated me like I was his only client, and I had an overwhelming sense that he truly cared for my case and wanted to get the best outcome for me. And that he did! I cannot believe the magic Chris has worked for me in court. Because of his reputation he upholds at the courthouse, he was able to plead my case and they ended up giving me an unbelievably great outcome. He was able to get the minimum punishment and eliminate almost all of my court fees. I really attribute this to Chris believing in my case and treating it as if it were his own. That's the type of lawyer Chris is and that's the type of lawyer everyone wants and needs! I can't say enough good about him!"

-Katherine L. on September 10, 2019

"Stop your searching; Chris Miller is the one you want on your side! Chris is prompt, friendly, effective, and non-judgmental. The process of going to court is never fun, but Chris males it as seamless as possible. Chris responded to my inquiry very quickly and after speaking with him I knew I had made a good choice. Chris worked hard to reduce my sentence, and did an excellent job. Even months after the original court date when an issue came up with my court ordered requirements, Chris responded to my questions quickly and helped me deal with my issue. I have a busy schedule and having Chris to help me with paperwork and court dates has been a lifesaver. On top of everything else he is a really really good person, and even though it is usually a not so great a legal situation to be in, you will be happy to have had Chris working with you."

-Emily M. on August 26, 2019

"By far the best attorney I have ever meet. So professional and hands on with your every need. I was such a worry wort before I contacted Christopher, after our initial phone conversation he made me feel at ease. Let me tell you when  such a  professional like Chris tells you his genuine sincere take on your situation and no BS every up front and honest you just let out a sigh of relief or at least I dd. Thank you Chris for your kind way of handling the situation with professionalism and straight forwardness. Your such a awesome person."

-Mary B. on August 9, 2019

"Chris was my Lawyer in a felony case, I was hoping to get my charge down to a misdemeanor, he got my case dismissed. He can explain to you in words that you can understand and you wont be left guessing or wondering what he meant when he is explaining your case to you. He has a direct line that he will answer or will get right back to you if hes busy to talk to you about your case. He will work with you with the cost and cares about your case. I cant say enough about how professional he is all i know is you will be amazed how he will work and fight for you. I would hire him again for sure if i had too and lets not hope i will have too. Trust me he is the lawyer you want to handle your case."

-Steve M. on July 7, 2019

"Christopher Miller is an an excellent attorney who knows the law as well as how to have a great outcome for his client. He promised to do exactly what the client asks and gets it done.

Being eligible for early termination on 36 months of probation, Mr. Miller prepared, filed and appeared at hearing at LAX Courthouse on my behalf to modify probation under Penal Code § 1203.3(a) after about one year of probation. The judge asked that he return after six more months to appear once again on the matter.

Christopher Miller waited and appeared again in court and the district attorney fought to have me serve the entire 36 months. Christopher Miller argued successfully and demonstrated that I attended extra mental health counseling ( 64 hours) well above the court required 12 hours, the difficulty in acquiring full-time employment due to the background check showing a DUI. He showed that I had made a commitment to change and that the DUI was a one-time error. The judge granted the motion and probation was ended 14 months early.

A couple of weeks later Christopher prepared, filed and served a petition to expunge the plea and this was also granted about two months later."

- Theresa A. on July 6, 2019

"Respond rapidly, honestly yet concerned."

-LaTanya R. on July 23, 2019

I almost never write reviews, but I felt the need to give Chris a 5 stars review to demonstrate how above and beyond satisfied I am w/his service.  I hope you will find this long review useful in how to select a 5-stars review from another, especially those with more reviews than Chris's.  I was arrested for DUI, controlled drug charge, and driver's license confiscated.  The next day, I immediately yelped the first 5 stars DUI attorney near home. I made a mistake of going with someone purely based on how many 5 stars ratings they had; it was a very condescending nightmare.  In retrospect, I noticed the five stars reviews were based on friendly office staff other non-important factors involving selecting a great attorney.

I have so much gratitude to the fact that I found Chris. I felt well taken care of from the beginning and throughout my case. In comparison to other attorneys who were aggressive, inflexible and intimidating, Chris was a breath of fresh air.  He jumped on my case immediately. He kept me updated and informed the entire time and worked with me very closely and I felt like we were a team.  He reviews his strategies with me prior to executing it.  

He got my driver's license restored, drug charge dropped and my DUI reduced to a dry reckless which I was very happy with.  The previous attorney had me very worried telling me that I can spend time in jail on my first DUI offense.  I hold a very high esteem career and Chris saved my licensing.  He went above and beyond to protect my livelihood and took care of every little detail. 

This is what I had researched on how to select a great attorney:
1.      Is there a persistent communication with your attorney?
2.      Are they flexible in your preferred method of communication?
3.      Are they supportive, non-judgmental and empathetic to your case?
4.      How much are they personally invested in your case, outcome and 
        getting your record expunged?
5.      Do you not feel intimidated and fearful to contact them personally? 
6.      Are you working together as a team?
7.       Is she/he a great listener as well as a great articulator.  

I can wholeheartedly answer 'yes' to all the above. I really felt like I was his only client b/c we were in constant communication and he worked around my schedule.  Read all of his reviews and you will find a common theme and do not disregard them as redundant but as critical information for you in who to choose.  I highly recommend Christopher Miller, J.D. to my friends, families and you."

-Babz H. on July 28, 2019

"I was really impressed with the professionalism, responsiveness, and the availability of Chris Miller. He was empathetic and was very helpful. I would highly recommend this firm."

-Maria E. on June 18, 2019

"He is a very nice and understanding attorney. Spent time getting to know me and my case. If I hire, I will hire him. I suggest that others do the same based on my knowledge of the way attorneys usually act and the way he acts. He is very humble and I appreciate the time he put into the consultation."

-Sarah on June 26, 2019

"I needed a Lawyer for expungement and early release off probation... this man get me everything I ask he was always there to answer my calls, texts or emails...i totally recommend this GUY... plus he knows his stuff...i am totally grateful for his help..."

-Michael K. on June 10, 2019

"The help I have been able to get from Chris is more than I ever could have imagined. After I faced the unfortunate circumstances from my DUI conviction, I was extremely worried for how to handle what was to come and ultimately beat it. After reaching out to Chris Miller he was fast to respond & was able to see me the next day to discuss in person.
Thankfully, Chris was able to get my charges reduced and I have been able to maintain driving privileges! I'm so grateful for the help I have been able to receive and the positive affirmations I've received. I know that Chris can help others who may be in need as well!"

-Brandon S. on May 22, 2019

"Was very professional and always assured us that everything would be fine."

-Sonia J. on May 13, 2019

"The Miller Law Firm is incredible. When I first spoke to Chris over the phone regarding my case I had told him that I need to take care of ASAP to keep me from Lossing my job. Anyways I gave Chris Miller all of the pieces and he put them together and was on the ball. He Prevented me from having to post bail and work out a deal for me so as long as I stay out of trouble for 6 months my charge for " Inmate in possession of a deadly weapon" would get dismissed. YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG BY CHOOSING 'THE MILLER LAW FIRM'"

-Austen E. on May 2, 2019

"I have been talking to many lawyers about my situation and case. Most have a secretary but noooooo not Attorney Miller. He has a direct line and does his work almost 24/7 non stop. He really cares. He understands your problem like no one else. He was busy for a couple days/vacation but called me for consultation after 2 MINUTES or writing my problems on his site! 
I have not yet started the case but I'm hoping he will take care of me. Chris if you are reading this because I know you will just know that I trust you. And I'll recommend you everytime to anyone and only you. Wish me luck! Thanks!"

-Justin C. on April 26, 2019

"Look Chris is one of the most understanding professionals I have ever met. Chris got my DUI thrown out by the DMV which is nearly impossible. My DUI conviction was avoided as well with the LAX court. Chris found the best compromise between reality and what I wished to happen.

From the moment I talked to him on the phone I knew he was trustworthy and possessed a high amount of Integrity. I chose Chris over 3 other lawyers for that reason. He is very honest about what he can or can not do in regards to your case. Chris handled my case as if he has known me for 10 years. Working with Chris was just simply an amazing experience. If you feel you are against all odds and can not seem to find an attorney you can trust that’ll get the job done, I would recommend The Chris Miller Law Firm 1000%!"

-Quinton J. on March 8, 2019

 "The first time I spoke with Miller, I knew everything was going to be ok! In the beginning of my case I felt uncertain, fearful and delinquent at the thought of facing the law alone! Miller put me at ease, was very patient, always answered every question, followed up with the case daily and was very involved with my case! My fears were met with confidence, compassion and professionalism. I wouldn’t have asked for a better attorney. Definitely would recommend Miller for your future cases! The outcome of my case was a lot better than anticipated!"

-Anonymous on February 2, 2019

"If you don’t have time to read this entire review, all you need to know is that you will not regret hiring Chris Miller.  Chris will handle your case with the utmost care and professionalism and get you the best possible outcome.  He is attentive and knowledgeable and won’t let you down.  He will work harder and smarter than any attorney in ca.  I can promise you this!

Chris Miller is one of the greatest attorneys I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Although, I have had an exemplary career within the legal and criminal justice system, I found myself facing felony charges after a domestic altercation with my husband. Throughout my career I have worked with many attorneys but I have never had to do so in a situation where I was the defendant.  I was obviously terrified and uncertain as to what to do and where to go to for help.  CA is not my home state which made things even more bewildering.  

My first instinct was to search the internet for attorneys.  A couple of “big” names and fancy law offices kept coming to top of my search.  I was immediately drawn to a defense attorney that was formerly a prosecutor.   Having worked in the legal system, I thought a former prosecutor was just what I needed.  I also fortuitously stumbled upon Chris Miller’s website.  His reviews were amazing and I opted to reach out to both Chris and the “former prosecutor”. Chris personally called me back within the hour and we scheduled a meeting that was quick and convenient. The other attorney’s paralegal contacted me.

Upon meeting Chris, I immediately felt at ease.  He did not judge me or make me feel like a criminal.  He was supportive and informative.  He described several of my options and potential strategies.  He formulated a couple of different plans to intervene at the police level and hopefully stop charges before they were even filed.  After leaving the meeting, I had specific knowledge of the process and of strategies I could use.  I took this knowledge with me to my second meeting with the “former prosecutor”

During our meeting, the former prosecutor told me that unfortunately, in the state of CA, a person charged with domestic violence is GUILTY UNTILI PROVEN INOOCENT.  What?  Isn’t this the exact opposite of how the justice system is supposed to work??!!!  I brought up some very valid points and tried to understand where he was coming from but he just made me feel like a horrible criminal.  He told me that unfortunately I was at the mercy of the judge.  I asked him about some of the strategies that Chris had mentioned and he said they either wouldn’t work or weren’t viable options!  I left his office crying.

WELL Guess what Mr. Former Prosecutor???  CHIRS’s Strategies DID work and I WON my case!

Trusting my gut and hiring Mr. Miller was the best decision I could have made!  He supported me, kept me informed throughout the case, answered all of my texts and calls (even though some might have seemed crazy), and, most importantly, he made me feel like a friend that he truly cared about.

He was always there for me when I had questions, we thoroughly talked through different strategies and outcomes, and his depth and breadth of the CA legal system was, not only helpful, but also impressive. 

The care and attention that Chris has given me has been nothing short of amazing.  He put in the extra work and respected my emotions and desires regarding the outcome of my case.  I am very impressed with his effectiveness, professionalism, and the rapport he has with the police investigators and with the city attorneys.  I believe this combination of qualities is what led to a positive outcome for my case. 

Chris got the best possible outcome for me and can do the same for you!  Do not hesitate to hire Mr. Miller.  You will not regret it!"

-Paige M. on February 13, 2019

"With being a first time offender and never going through the process of the criminal court system I was scared of what was to come next. I’m so glad I found Christoper’s law firm I couldn’t be more thankful. I was charged with Felony Grand Theft and I was looking at jail time which I was not looking forward too. Chris worked hard like he said he would to get my case resolved where I can avoid jail completely. He always answered my calls and texts and always updated me on my case. He will be the lawyer I refer to my loved ones knowing that they will be taken care no doubt."

-Anonymous on January 18, 2019

"Chris is an amazing lawyer and an amazing person. Earlier last year I was dealt an extremely bad hand. I thought It would be the end of me, I knew I had to get a lawyer. I was lucky enough to find Chris on Yelp (What a blessing), the minute I called and met him I knew he would help me through this. Chris went to war for me every single time I entered the court house. He is honest, truthful, understanding and most importantly....extremely good at what he does. Chris was always available, answered every question my wife and I had. He was always understanding and had the best for my family and I in mind. Thanks to Chris, I was granted an incredible opportunity on a much better hand and I am home with my family looking bad at what could've been a terrible outcome. Needless to say, I highly recommend Chris if you find yourself in a bind, stop here and just call him. Believe me you won’t regret it."

-Victor on January 16, 2019

"So far after talking with Chris, i looked little relieved after a DUI case"

-Snehashish S. on January 19, 2019

"I engaged Chris' services after having a complaint filed against me that could have potentially devastated my career. After speaking with Chris his enthusiasm and genuineness was apparent. Chris worked tirelessly with the local police detective that was driving the investigation. I was never without knowledge about the status of my case. Whenever I need information to ease my mind, Chris was prompt to update me and if he did not have the information he obtained it and shared accordingly. Chris kept all lines of communication open at all times. Even when he took time off for vacation, knowing the sensitive nature of my case, Chris would update me. His diligence and attention to details resulted in all charges being dropped. I hope to never need to enlist the services of a Criminal Attorney again, but if I do, it will be Chris as my first choice. I would highly recommend him."
-Doug L on December 30, 2018

"Chris helped me with my DUI case and I couldn’t be happier having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney by my side representing me. He helped me greatly throughout the whole process and also made it possible for the outcome to be a lot better than expected. I highly recommend Chris, he is very professional and will be with you every step of the way."

-Rich on December 19, 2018

"I was arrested for robbery and Chris Miller was able to Get my case Dismissed. He explained my case to me And stayed in touch with me the whole way. I would definitely refer him to anyone who has legal Trouble. Truly Mr. Miller is the best lawyer, I was very blessed to find him .Thank you so much Mr. Miller"

-Viky on December 13, 2018

"I am so pleased with the out come of my case! I could not have asked for a more dedicated layer. Thank you Chris for being so understanding of my feelings and making me feel safe. I had spoke with another layer before Chris and I felt uncomfortable moving forward. The same day I spoke with Chris I felt at ease for the first time since my situation occurred. I am so thankful and highly recommend Chris Miller 100%. Very professional yet down-to-earth person, he recommended some proactive measures that I should have taken in order to have a better out come and it worked! soooooo thankful !"

-Aria A. on October 10, 2018

"I have to say working with Chris Miller was a great experience. He was friendly professional and didn't pass any judgement. As a matter of fact after telling him the whole story of what happened he sympathized and he believed me. Which is why I think we won our case. He took in all the detail and helped me come up with the right information to present the judge. As someone with no previous criminal record and nothing else negative on my record he was able to use that to win the DA over and get me a D.A Reject. I was so relieved the day he went to court and contacted me saying everything was going to be alright. I'm glad I picked him and not the other lawyer I was looking to hire. Not only was Chris younger and more knowledgeable he was also quicker to jump on my case and start making moves to help me out. I would definitely recommend the Miller Law Firm in Pasadena. 100% professional and beat my case. Also worked with me for the payment arrangement and I haven't had a single issue."

-Mason L. on October 3, 2018

"We are just starting our experience with him so far very up front on what to expect answers your question promptly . We are hopeing for the best. Always be up front don't hold nothing back it can damage the trust. Rolando and Adriana"

-Rolando C on September 20, 2018

"I, Unfortunately, Fell Victim To A Dui & Did Some Online Searching For Local Lawyers With A Good Track Record. I Was Lucky Enough To Come Across Chris & Rave Reviews Pertaining To His Dui Representation. Upon Our First Phone Call, He Took All The Time Needed To Go Over The Process Of What To Anticipate With A Dui, How He Could Benefit My Situation & His Services He Provides. By The End Of Our Call, He Had Me Sold & I Enlisted In His Assistance.

He Was Fairly Priced & Offered Realistic Payment Options. He's Always Been Extremely Attentive With Any Calls, Texts Or Emails I've Sent Him. Along With That, He Fully Elaborated On All Questions Had, When They Would Arise & Provided Solutions Quickly. Never Was There A Moment I Felt Taken Advantage Of, Neglected Or Last On His List. Our Communication Was Constant & Always Convenient With My Schedule.

Upon Meeting In Person, He's Very Well Put Together, Professional & Handsome! During Our Few In Person Interactions At The Courthouse, He's Always Been Complimentary & Never Left Me Feeling Bewildered Or Like I Wouldn't Know How To Move Forward In The Courtroom. Chris Is Beyond Excellent With The Services Provided! I Couldn't Have Asked For A Better Lawyer In This Troubling Time. With His Guidance & My Drive To Prioritize Completing All Necessary Steps To Get This Dui Off My Chest, We Managed To Conquer The Whole Thing In A Matter Of About 6 Months.

Fingers Crossed That I Never Have To Refer Him To A Friend Or Family Member In The Scenario Of A Dui, But If So Or You're Looking For A Dynamite Lawyer - I Will Praise His Abilities & Suggest Him To Anyone Looking For Dependable Gentleman!

Thanks A Million, Chris!"

-Steve on September 24, 2018

"Chris did a great job with my case! He was always available to answer all of my questions and thoroughly explained everything that I wanted to know about the process. He ended up providing me with the best outcome possible and got my case rejected by the court."

-Leah on September 10, 2018

"Christopher Miller is everything I was looking for in an attorney and surpassed my expectations at every step of the process. Every single step, from price (honoring a quote even though my case became much more complicated), to communication (always directly available, no answering service, no run-around or b.s), to negotiating a plea that was MUCH better than I had even hoped for. I will be doing community service for what would have been a 5 year sentence. There is no doubt in my mind that he will represent every single one of his clients to the best of his ability not because it's his job but because he want's the best outcome and believes he can achieve it. Anyone reading this should hire Chris and count yourself very lucky that you found one of the good ones."

-Sherman on September 7, 2018

"I felt like he was really on top of things and I couldn’t have asked for better representation."

-Michael T. on August 1, 2018

"He was professional and responded quickly."

-Jennifer F. on August 6, 2018

"I just hired Mr Chris Miller I hope he perform his job to help me in this situation he has a lot good comments in his profile that’s why I’m hiring him."

-Arnulfo L. on August 12, 2018

"So far I feel like everything has been going really smoothly. I feel like I'm being taken care of and that I'll have the best possible outcome. I feel like I'm in good hands."

-Rosa A. on June 27, 2018

"I thank Chris for all of his help and guidance. My family thanks him as well.

He’s a great lawyer and I’ve dealt with a handful not counting public defenders. Every other lawyer I spoke to I can hear and feel that they knew that I was in a difficult situation. I couldn’t tell the difference between them and the prosecutors.

I want to point out that Chris is very respectful and very hands on almost with daily updates, he has an effective way of working that helped us win multiple cases

Thank you for hearing me out and actually giving me a chance to show you what I was about, which is my family.

Thank you for the respect that you showed my family and actually giving us hope that things would turn out ok.

Great lawyer"

-Adolfo on May 18, 2018

"Chris was super helpful from the initial consultation to the final decision of our case. He has been responsive in every aspect and has kept an open mind about everything. No matter what date or time we reached out to him he responded almost immediately guiding us through everything. Safe to say we are truly amazed with his work and all the help he has provided through the tough times we were facing. I would give him 10 stars if possible."

-Lesly M. on May 20, 2018

"Chris did not disappoint! This was my husband’s first time ever reaching out to a lawyer and we didn’t know where to look or who would be best. All we knew is that the situation at hand needed a great one(DUI/TC). I looked online and found Chris so we decided to meet with him and everything about the meeting felt right. He made sure to go through every detail and told us everything that we needed to do on our end and he handled the rest. He was so great at communicating with my husband throughout this whole process which made this situation way less stressful. Fast forward to now and my husband has just finished going to court, he got the minimum for his case as well as some of the charges dropped and we are so relieved! I’m not one to post reviews but I felt the need to write this review since I now know how nerve wrecking it is to go through all this. So if you are looking for a great lawyer go to Chris! I highly recommend him and I’m so glad we chose him!"

-Kathy and Jacob on May 16, 2018

"From my first and only in-person encounter with Mr Miller, I had felt comfortable enough that I was about to make the right decision in hiring him. His professionalism and responsiveness are just a couple of his great attributes. In addition to doing my own research, he further educated me on the law regarding the situation at hand and the possible outcome, and kept me informed. End result, we won. Thank you, Mr Miller."

-Al on May 13, 2018

"I made an account just to give Christopher Miller a review...5 out 5 stars i would highly recommend him as a lawyer I hired him for two cases he was able to get me a excellent outcome both times. The first case was a multiple felony case with the possibility of 6 and a half years in prison and the Public Defender told me the lowest offer i would get is 16 months in prison Chris got me 180 days and 3 years probation and i only did 9 actual days. 3 weeks later i got arrested for a probation violation and he got the violation dropped. He is an excellent lawyer he is always available to answer any questions you have through your tough time fighting a case and he is very family oriented when anyone asks me for a good lawyer i always recommend The Miller Law Firm."

-Anonymous on April 26, 2018

"Christopher Miller is a great attorney. He got my husband's conviction expunged. Miller is experienced, understanding, honest, very professional, and extremely efficient. Definitely an attorney I would recommend to family and friends."

-Laura on April 13, 2018

"From my first and only in-person encounter with Mr Miller, I had felt comfortable enough that I was about to make the right decision in hiring him. His professionalism and responsiveness are just a couple of his great attributes. In addition to doing my own research, he further educated me on the law regarding the situation at hand and the possible outcome, and kept me informed. End result, we won. Thank you, Mr Miller."

-Al P. on April 17, 2018


"Not that long ago I had a rough experience with the campus police department. Due to the fact that I was late to one of my classes I irrationally decided to use a disabled placard. After I returned to my car a police officer was waiting for me. The ticket which he issued stated that it was a misdemeanor. I was devastated and did not know what to do. A few weeks later when I decided to request some quotes from criminal defense attorneys. Unlike the rest Christopher did not mention a very high price and offered to arrange a meeting on Saturday. It was important for me to find an experienced attorney, because at that time I was in the process of acquiring my citizenship. As a result of his diligent and outstanding job, on the day of my interview there was nothing in the Court system regarding my ticket. Hence, the officer conducting the interview did not bother including this ticket to the application, because she read a letter explaining the issue (which could potentially have an impact on my case, possibly denying it). I am very glad that my family hired Chris. He is always polite, professional, and patient. I will definitely refer everyone who needs criminal defense. If you want the best service, do not waste your time looking for it elsewhere. Thank you again Chris and best wishes."

-Garri on February 28, 2018

"After talking to over a dozen lawyers throughout the week, I ended up hiring Christopher Miller for my DUI case and I couldn't be happier. When we spoke on the phone he remembered my Thumbtack inquiry which had been a week ago and that surprised me a little. I had spent so much time looking for someone that I almost did not have time to request a DMV hearing. When I hired Chris, he immediately filed for one and sent me a copy. He made sure to answer all my questions thoroughly which made me feel much more secure about my case. I knew I had hired the right lawyer when he told me that “we'd” get through this. He's smart and compassionate. When several of the other lawyers I spoke with were just worried about money or facts, Chris actually cares about his clients. Having an accident along with my DUI was something that was really worrying me but Chris did his best to ease my fears. My entire outcome was a lot better than I expected. Actually, it was exactly as he had said it would turn out. If anything ever happens again, I know who to call."

Carol on January 21, 2018

"To Begin with look no further for your representation. The Miller Law Firm quite literally saved my future. In March of 2017 I received my 1st DUI. My representation for that was less than ideal. I then violated my probation and DMV status by getting a 2nd DUI which resulted in a near fatal accident where I was in a coma for a week. I woke upon the miracle that no one was injured other than myself and of course the fact I had been arrested. I have spent a life dealing with legal counsel in regards to professional interests and so I was was very discerning while searching for representation. I put myself in a very very very bad situation; like felony bad situation.... that was not the trajectory I had anticipated upon. I spent days looking for the correct advocate for myself and advocate is an important concept. I ,beyond luck, came across Mr. Christopher Miller. 1. He was honest. did not sugar coat the outcome that was possible for the situation I put myself in. 2. He has the greatest "bedside manner" of any law professional I've known. He has been supportive beyond what you could possibly imagine i.e.. no judgment whatsoever, checking in on my emotional state, building confidence, and being an actual rock through remarkably bad circumstances.

3. Christopher Miller changed my future. From what could have been a felony he had it contained to a misdemeanor with the absolute minimal punishment I was to receive all while being considerate, intuitive, understanding, and beyond knowledgeable.

I really hope anyone reading this truly comprehends how rare this is and I wish you a wonderful day."

-Ryan on January 16, 2018

"I don't normally write reviews....but when I do, it's to commend amazing individuals like Chris Miller!

No one ever expects to get put in a situation where they'll need a lawyer. Especially not during the middle of summer, when you're having fun. I unfortunately got into a pickle & needed to hire a lawyer ASAP. Unfamiliar with my situation, I googled lawyers in my area and was redirected to a website called Thumbtack. I chose the 4 top lawyers and called each one of them. Considering my financial situation, I was fairly disappointed that the lawyers I had called prior to Chris were so unwilling to work with me & take on my case. Maybe it was for the best because I wouldn't change my decision to have Chris represent me ever!

Honestly, Chris is very understanding, compassionate, & will do his absolute best in getting you the outcome that you deserve. He was willing to work with me & my financial situation, demonstrating the kind of character he has. People like to talk & say they aren't in it for the money, but they're bullshitting. Chris, however, I truly believe has a heart of gold. He was patient & kind throughout the whole entire process. Always being thorough in his explanations when it came to legal terms. Making sure I understood what was going on & what I needed to do. I had no qualms about his work & put my wholehearted trust & faith in him to get things done. I rarely stressed over the situation because I knew he'd take care of it.

Even after the big hurdle of my case was over, Chris is still willing to offer me help & guidance with my next steps moving forward. Unlike most lawyers who'll just abandon you once the case is over or they're done being paid, Chris continues to be a resource & reassures you that he's there until the end. I am so thankful that everything worked out & am beyond grateful to have had Chris. If you need someone to represent you, Chris is your guy! Trust me, you won't regret it. I hope I don't get into another pickle, but if I do, I know who to turn to.

Chris, if you read this, thanks for being so amazing!"

-Cassandra on December 20, 2017

"What we most appreciated about Chris was that he took the time to explain our options and made us feel comfortable in such a difficult time for us."

-Eddie A on December 1, 2017

"Chris was upfront, honest and respectful. Answered all my questions without using legalese which I appreciated."

-Gustavo R. on November 30, 2017

"I was in a tough spot with two cases to deal with and not sure what to do. I found Chris at The Miller Law Firm and he contacted me immediately and we met the next day. He helped ease my anxiety and really gave me some peace of mind by explaining what we could do to get through this. I retained Chris and it was a great decision because he got me through the entire process, kept me updated throughout and we ended up with the best possible outcome. If you feel hopeless about a legal problem, give Chris Miller a try, his compassion and know how will help get you through this tough time."

-Andy B. on September 15, 2017

"I recently found myself in one of the worst situations I had ever been in... a DUI. I was certain that the career I had worked very hard for was going to be over. I had asked for advice from others who had been in situations similar to mine and one close friend had actually stated, quite firmly, that I shouldn't waste my time or money on a lawyer-- that a lawyer wouldn't really help my situation out any. My friend's advice was actually terrible advice. I quickly found out that the representation of a lawyer (a really good lawyer) during such a frightening time is priceless. I was in absolute panic and despair and I knew I needed help. I researched lots of lawyers and I came across the excellent reviews of The Miller Law Firm so I called for a free consultation. The moment I spoke to Chris I knew he was going to be amazing. He offered immediate comfort and solace during a time when I needed it the most. His concern and reassurance allowed me to relax a little knowing he was on my side with my best interests in mind. He was available for questions and concerns the entire time we were working on my case. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the law and I honestly trusted his counsel 100%. He took his time to make sure I understood everything that was going on and what I could expect. I was incredibly pleased with the outcome of my case and I would recommend Chris to anyone. I hope I never have to need the help of a lawyer again, but the first person I would call if I do need help is Chris Miller. He's an amazing lawyer... seriously."

-Jodi R on August 11, 2017

"How do I start this off.  Chris is the first lawyer I've ever had to hire and I just really have to say I couldn't have picked a more thorough professional caring lawyer.  I had a traffic violation dating back 4 years with a warrant for my arrest and a suspended license. Chris worked with me and kept me reassured that he would handle it for me.  He kept me posted daily/weekly through emails phone calls and even text. I can't say how thankful I am for him. He is a genuine honest guy and was willing to bat for me.  He got the judge to reinstate my license, drop the warrant and he even got the judge to drop the 2 grand for failure to appear.  The Miller law is the most professional and outstanding firm I have ever got a chance to work with.  I will keep Chris in my log for any other future mishaps. Chris thank you sir you are a 1 in a million individual. I'd recommend his help to anyone and everyone. If I could rate his performance I'd give him a million stars not just 5."

-Andrew T. on July 27, 2017

"I have to say, The Miller Law Firm is very professional and trustworthy. Christopher Miller handled 3 of my personal injury cases over the last 5 years and I always felt a feeling of peace and security. Peace and security were crucial factors for me, given the innumerous law firms in California.

I honestly have always felt as if he cared and wanted what was best for the case and not for himself and the law firm. There are good people out in the world  and then there are amazing professional individuals that take pride in their work with people and walk in integrity. Christopher Miller is definitely one of those amazing individuals."

-Tymera H. on June 15, 2017

"Chris Miller worked on a case for us and I was very impressed by the level of profesionalism and courtesy he provided. He let us know exactly what we could expect as an outcome and kept us up to date on the process. Chris was such a breath of fresh air after we fired our first attorney. I had no idea that a lawyer would be willing to walk us through the process and keep us informed. We are very pleased with the results that Chris helped us get and we highly recommend him to others that find themselves in need of a lawyer. Thanks Chris!"

-Jack-Carla L. on June 14, 2017

"Responds very quickly and answer all your questions, makes you feel comfortable"

-Miriam G. on May 23, 2017

"I hired Chris when I was going through a very difficult situation. He quickly eased my concerns (and anxiety) by carefully explaining the various legal options we could pursue. I was impressed with his knowledge and compassion - and he diligently worked to secure the best outcome possible for us. I would highly recommend him."

-Mike N. on May 3, 2017

"I spoke with many different lawyers about my case and Chris was by far the most knowledgable and compassionate attorney I spoke to...which made the choice to hire him an easy one. I couldn't be happier with the way he conducted himself with the courts and he secured the best possible outcome for me. I am deeply appreciative of his efforts and would recommend him whole-heartedly."

-Mike on May 3, 2017

"During an extremely sensitive time when all hope seemed to be lost, Christopher Miller showed me the light at the end of the tunnel. He handled the case professionally by explaining the logic he uses in and out of the courtroom. He provided the necessary steps to win the case and after following them, knew he did not lead me astray. He was comforting about the case as a whole from the beginning and never doubted me for a minute. Chris was always available to talk and address any concerns that I may have had throughout my time working with him. He was able to address not only myself, but my family members as well in order to further explain the process and the ways in which we could win! In the end in court we came to the best result possible and it was all because of his professionalism and the ways in which he handled himself in and out of the courtroom. I have never had to deal with another attorney, but I imagine that none would be nearly as incredible to work with as Mr.Miller. Overall throughout a very traumatic time, Chris made the whole process extremely easy and smooth from start to finish. I would not have wanted to work with anyone else because I know no one could have done the job that he accomplished!"

-Aaron L. on April 30, 2017

"So I had the pleasure of Chris Millers assistance on a case I was dealing with. I had another lawyer helping me first that was a total joke but I had no idea till I had Chris to compare him to. I was really getting jacked around by but as soon as Chris came on to help me I didn't have to worry again. He was completely professional and efficient. He kept me in the loop about all things and was never too busy to answer any questions I had or to get back to me in a timely manner. The outcome of my case was better then I expected and I owe that fully to Chris. I recommend his council completely. No one will work harder for you"

-Jacqueline on April 29, 2017

"Best Lawyer in Los Angeles. Period. Hired and performed in the most efficient and professional manner. WE WON.

-Marshall S. on April 12, 2017 

"In 2014 I had a mental health crisis and was charged with a felony. I was facing two years in a California state prison. Miller was able to secure me a spot in the Antelope Valley Veterans Court program where I was directed to obtain intensive mental health services. Miller was personable and went above and beyond to ease my stress during the entire process.   Because of his hard work my charges were dropped and now just two years later I am graduating college instead of being released from prison."


-Chelsea R. on April 8, 2017

"When it comes to finding a reliable attorney who knows the law and cares about helping his clients, Chris Miller comes at the top of the list. Chris has a personable attitude that makes him easy to communicate with, which is sometimes hard to find in a criminal defense lawyer who has the experience necessary to zealously advocate for your rights. One of the key characteristics of a successful attorney-client experience that Chris brings to The Miller Law Firm is genuineness. He genuinely cares about not just his clients, but he even goes as far as to ensure that his client's loved ones are constantly kept informed of important updates. When it comes to anything criminal law related, I never have to think twice about approaching Chris about an complicated matter, because I feel confident in knowing that Chris will get to the bottom of the issue, no matter what it takes. 

If you need help from someone that you can trust and that you can count on, Chris is your man!"


-Josh B. on March 28, 2017

"I hired Chris because I had gotten my self in a real bad way with a DUI, False police report, and a hit and run charge. Chris was very honest with his assessment of my case from the get go. He didn't spare me any harsh truths but he also took on the challenge of proving them wrong anyways. During the entire process Chris was kind, patient, kept an open line of communication, and hustled on the daily level to make sure I got the best defense I could get. And he succeeded. False report and hit and run charges were both dropped and he managed to keep the judge from throwing the full weight of his gavel at me for the DUI. And after everything was said and done he sat down with me and put any anxieties I had about the prospects of the verdict at ease. I've gotten my self into trouble before and have had a few lawyers over the years, but Chris was by far the best. If you're looking for an honest, hard working, self motivated guy then I would definitely recommend hiring Christopher Miller"

-Tim A. on March 26, 2017

"During a very difficult time in my life (due to a DUI and the threat of losing my license for a year), Chris Miller was a godsend. He was always available and very proactive throughout the process and was able to keep me at ease with relevant updates regarding my case. His extensive knowledge of current laws and interactions with the prosecuting attorney and DMV made a huge difference in my case! I highly recommend Chris and have actually referred a few of my friends for legal counsel, knowing Chris would not let me down. I can't say it enough - this dude is amazing!"

-Shane O. on March 23, 2017

"Could not be more satisfied with Chris Miller! My father is an attorney and advised that I call Chris to help me with my case. He is a young attorney with a lot of energy, who cares a lot about his clients, and he will not let you down. He helped me get through the toughest time in my life, and you can't put a price tag on something like that... He is performing God's work here on Earth. I have recommended several of my friends to  Chris Miller to help with their cases. Let's face it Los Angeles is a crazy place, and you need a great attorney to help maintain the peace. Who you gonna call? Chris Miller!"

-Dillon R. on March 19, 2017

"I hired Chris back in November to help me get through a DUI Case, I was nervous to be going through this process from the start, when I first met with Chris I knew he was the right guy to help me get through this case. Aside from the great legal advice, he also gave me personal advice to help let me know that I was going to get through this and life will resume as normal. He gave me solid facts and many ways we will be able to work through this case, his connections are outstanding and to have an attorney with great knowledge and great connections is what you need. He continued to fight for the lowest sentence possible working with a DA who did not want to budge and in the end he got my sentenced reduced in a huge way, forever grateful for what this man did for me. My entire process going through this case could've been the most stressful time in my life, but the way Chris was taking care of my case put me at ease which really allowed me to focus on moving forward. He is an amazing attorney and I will recommend him to anyone for any sort of case, thanks for everything Chris. You have been great this whole time and as much as I would like to hire you again, I'm afraid I won't be getting into any legal troubles again haha. Wish you the best, thank you for all your help!"


-Joshua G. on March 17, 2017

"Great attorney always available and accessible for any questions and concerns regarding your case. Chris helped me through a very tough time in my life and made me feel at ease about the court system and possible outcomes of my case. He took care of my case from beginning to end saw it through all the way and i was always in the know of where my case stood. Chris is now my go to guy for any legal trouble or aid. I'm not sure how I came to find him but I'm glad I did!"


-Javier G. on March 16, 2017

"Chris Miller got out of very sticky situation that I did not deserve to be in, and he made that clear with the county. He knew exactly the type of situation and what solutions were necessary in order to clear my charges. I faced up to a year in county jail and he was able to have all charges dismissed. 

Quick thinking, thoughtful and understanding. He made it easy without killing me financially. Thanks man, I really owe you one."


-Steven C. on March 15, 2017

"Miller Law Firm was great! I was referred to Chris by a family member and I have no regrets. Chris was patient and kind, but also fought for me when necessary. At no time did I feel like he wasn't working hard for me. This was my first time in a auto accident, but I have heard horror stories (most involving the attorney or the lack there of). Thank you Chris and Miller Law."

-Patterson M. on March 5, 2017  

"I am so happy I found Chris he has helped me and my boyfriend. I found myself in quite a predicament with my case and also worries about my DACA. Chris genuinely explained what needed to happen and how we were going to achieve it. He explained to me what types of documents he needed of me to present to the court. I was more worried about my DACA and what would happened. Chris told me not to worry he was going to do everything he could to keep my record clean and he did!  He managed to get me a dismissal!! I was relived that everything was going to be okay. Chris is the best he listens to his clients and does what he can to achieve the best results. Chris thank you so much! I am happy you have helped me, my boyfriend and a couple of other friends.  IF YOU GUYS NEED A GREAT LAWYER BETTER  CALL CHRIS!!"

-Cynthia L. on March 5, 2017

"Chris helped me with my legal problems and was able to negotiate my charges down. His price was very good as well."

 -Kyle S. on February 23, 2017

"After hearing nothing but great things about Christopher from a friend who was previously a client, I had no doubts that he would be of great help. During such a hard time Christopher made the whole process flow so smoothly and effortlessly. I am not an easy person to please, let alone work with but he is hands down one of the best lawyers I have been so lucky to work with. He not only helped me cope, but was willing to speak with my family during this time of need. With every phone call, text and email, he was always there to make sure I was in the loop. He is a brilliant guy, it's easy to tell. You can tell he really loves his job and truly wants to help. I couldn't imagine hiring a different lawyer for anything else." 

-Jerillee J. on February 21, 2017

"He is one of the best attorneys that I had the pleasure of working with, he made everything easy on me in such a tough time! He somehow kept me at ease and assured me everything was going to be just fine and the verdict come out more then fine, his connections are stellar! He is so sweet and actually gets down to business!!! I would/will recommend him to anyone of my friends in such times of need! 

So shoutout to Chris Miller!!!!!!!!!"

-Brentley N. on February 15, 2017

"Mr. Miller seems to be like an angel in our lives he is really passionate not just doing his job to make money but because he wants to help his clients like if they were his own family and I loved that about him. I couldn't of find someone better to take my son's case he has a brilliant heart and I thank God for putting him in our path... Thank you Mr Miller."

- Janet D. on February 12, 2017

"Chris has been so helpful throughout my case and experience. He has helped me to understand everything in terms of my options and and any legal terms to make it easier. He was understanding and available when needed and I consider myself lucky to have found him. I appreciate everything he did and will recommend him to anyone who needs legal help."

-Nora E. on January 27, 2017

"After hearing nothing but great things about Christopher from a friend who was previously a client, I had no doubts that he would be of great help. During such a hard time Christopher made the whole process flow so smoothly and effortlessly. I am not an easy person to please, let alone work with but he is hands down one of the best lawyers I have been so lucky to work with. He not only helped me cope, but was willing to speak with my family during this time of need. With every phone call, text and email, he was always there to make sure I was in the loop. He is a brilliant guy, it's easy to tell. You can tell he really loves his job and truly wants to help. I couldn't imagine hiring a different lawyer for anything else."

-Jerilee J. on February 21, 2017

"The best lawyer I have!! I was looking to someone who can help me for my DUI case last Dec 2015 and I found him. I was super scared and don't know what to do but he was the one who made me feel that I have nothing to worry about my dream of becoming a Nurse. I cant say enough about how I was treated, We wanted personal one and thats how I got from him. When i have questions, he always give me the answers that would clear my doubts. He explains everything clearly with all the processing and paperworks. He's very professional. Even when my DUI case is over and if i have questions about my other traffic violations, he never failed to reply or call me to explain everything even if Im not his client anymore. He became not just my lawyer but I found a friend in him. And when I got into Car Accident last October of 2016. I have him as my Personal Injury Lawyer, I couldn't be happier with the way things have turned out. Im glad i met you, Chris!! Thank you so much."

-Inee M. on January 20, 2017

"I highly recommend Mr. Miller , he was handling my husband case , the case was dismissed and know we can move on and never look back ...."

-Lillian Z. on January 3, 2017

"Chris has been extremely helpful since even before I hired him for my case, He has been informative and very determined to get any and every bit of information to help better my case. He has been great since the start and I would love to say I will be going back to him if I ever run into anymore trouble, but sorry Chris I will not be getting into anymore legal issues for the rest of my days, on point from here on out hah. On a serious note, he is a great Attorney and I will vouch for his services any day of the week. Thank you Chris."


-Joshua D. on December 21, 2016

"Chris was extremely professional and helpful with my case. I was very impressed with his knowledge and was grateful for his immediate response to my phone calls. He was there every step of the way, answering all my questions and concerns. If you have been arrested for DUI or other criminal charges call Chris ASAP. Chris knows his way in the court system. I highly recommend him!"

- Brenda A on September 18, 2016

"Chris was very understanding, compassionate & trustworthy. He cares about his clients, answers all your questions & makes certain that he gets you what you need. Highly recommended! :)"

-Alison S. on August 3, 2016

"Mr. Miller was hired to defend my son on a criminal case which could have had long lasting, adverse life changing consequences. His attention to details, dedication to his clients, knowledge of the law, provided us with the peace of mind of knowing we had proper representation with our case. I will not hesitate to hire Mr. miller again for any other issues to arise in the future. I highly recommend The Miller Law Firm. Their honest approach and professionalism are second to none."

- Julio R. on May 2, 2016


"Informative, enthusiastic, knowledgeable... Had a game plan and was extremely kind." 


- Dylan M. on April 25, 2016

"About six months ago I got charged with a DUI, a hit and run, and filing a false police report. I was pretty sure it was over for me, my goose had been cooked. In spite of having some not so great experiences with lawyers in the past, I decided to contact Chris for a consultation. Mostly just because of his profile picture. From the start Chris was very honest about the expectations of the case and didn't shy away from sparing me any harsh truths. None the less, he took on the challenge of proving those truths wrong. Throughout the ordeal, Chris was compassionate, patient, thorough, very clear with communication, but above all else he was driven. Driven to get the best defense possible for me. After all was done, I got off with a slap on the wrist compared to what I was charged for. And even though I was more than satisfied with the outcome, I could tell that Chris didn't even like that I got the wrist slap. If you're looking for more than just a buffer between you and the judge then Chris Miller is the guy to hire." 

- Tim M. on March 30, 2016

"Chris was clear, informative and dependable. Easy to work with. I would highly recommend him."

Jennifer G on December 4, 2015

"There are very few people in the world who garner a five star review. Christopher Miller is one of them. From the moment we first spoke, I had no doubt he was the kind of professional I needed to take my case. A month (or so) ago, I received a DUI and had been looking for a lawyer to hire. After chatting with other professionals, I began to feel more like a “job” and less like a person. Speaking with Chris was the first time I felt human again. He was genuinely interested in who I was and the events that led up to the DUI. He explained his role as my (potential) lawyer and the ends and outs of navigating a DUI charge in court. He assured me I could trust him to work hard AND get me the best deal possible, if I chose to bring him on board. I did and looking back I’m not sure how I would have made it through this process without him. I like communication. That’s what I wrote to him after we agreed to work together. I stress when there is something I don’t know. Chris understood this and went above and beyond to explain every detail throughout the entire process. I never felt in the dark and had no moments of panic or tension. During each step Chris shared his plans, how he intended to go forward and what I could expect. All I can say is WOW! During sentencing Chris was true to his word. He worked hard and despite the severity of my case, Chris proved to be an excellent negotiator, which ensured his (our) success. I don’t have enough words of thanks and praise for The Miller Law Firm. I would recommend him to anyone in need of his services."


- Rhonda H. on October 9, 2015

"Excellent attorney , nice guy and reasonably priced. Explained everything thoroughly and answered every question I asked promptly. Was easy to get a hold of as well, I will not hesitate to use his services again in the future if needed.Thanks Christopher."

- Jaime U. on September 8, 2015

"In April this year i had the unfortunate event of getting arrested with a DUI. Choosing Christopher Miller was a blessing. He guided me through everything i needed, was highly available, responsive, helpful, professional, and made me feel comfortable about my situation. I would recommend anybody to use Christopher Miller as their attorney. I can genuinely say, I appreciate him and the help he provided.Thanks Chris!"

- Dylan T. on August 20, 2015


 "I am very pleased that I found Christopher Miller to represent my husband. Mr. Miller is a young, energetic, caring person that made this unfortunate incident tolerable. He listened to me, explained everything in simple terms, planned and executed the strategy without a hitch. He communicated both by phone and email which I appreciated. I really think Christopher Miller is a great attorney and recommend him highly."


Phyllis M on August 5, 2015


"I found Chris to be an honest and caring lawyer. He knew what he was doing and was clear in explaining what my options were, as well as the best course of action. Great to have him on my side!"


-Steven T. on April 23, 2015



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